A Helpful Checklist for Your Next Performance Review

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A Helpful Checklist for Your Next Performance Review

Performance reviews can be nerve-wracking, especially when you don’t know what to prepare. We’ve put together a checklist to help you nail your next performance review.

  1. Have a thorough and accurate list of what you do. Our post on How To Centralize and Track Your Role To Get Promoted offers ideas for what activities to track.
  1. Present how much you do and what you do that is above and beyond. Keeping track of your job performance on a daily basis gives you hard numbers to show your boss. See our post on how Office Otter and other tools can help you track and report your performance.
  1. Relate the work you do to the goals of the company and executive team. For example, if your boss is trying to get investors on board, all of the travel, emails, phone calls, and presentation decks you do help your boss to achieve his goal.
  1. Research market rate for your role and inflation. This step is a good idea when asking for a raise. Just be prepared that your existing company may not see the value in what you offer. You may need to look for a role at a new company to get to the next level. We have other helpful tips for asking for a raise, including a script you can use to sound like a pro.‍

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