Data Security at Office Otter


Data Security at Office Otter

tldr: We don’t sell your data and your data is safe.

Your Password

Your password is stored on a secure server. It is encrypted using a Blowfish cypher which uses an algorithm that has never been cracked before.

Your password is also hashed and salted.

We couldn’t even read your password if we wanted to.

Your password is as safe as it could possibly be.

Your Account

No one has access to your account but you.

No one in your organization (or outside) can access your Task dashboard or any of your other information in Office Otter.

Even when you share a task, your account is secure.

No one cant login to your account without your password (which we covered above as being completely secure) or the email you use to login.

Application Encryption

All communication sent between our servers and the application is encrypted with 256-bit HTTPS encryption.

Our servers have automated certificate management (ACM).

Our servers use SSL, a cryptographic protocol that provides end-to-end encryption and integrity for all web requests.

All network traffic from our database is encrypted using Transport layer Security (TLS).

Encryption for data at rest is automated using encrypted storage volumes.

Your data is safe, and we don’t sell your data.


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