How To Get Office Otter Approved and Paid for by Your Employer

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How To Get Office Otter Approved and Paid for by Your Employer

There’s no question that Office Otter users at the Professional Tier get the most benefit from the tool. With unlimited task completion, unlimited access to historical task completion and reporting, and the ability to search your entire list for keywords, it’s easy to see how Office Otter Professional Tier can help you level up your career. Most paid Office Otter users have their employer cover the monthly subscription cost because Office Otter saves time, boosts productivity, is built for their position, and helps them measure their work.

‍But what if your employer doesn’t get it? Here are some useful strategies Office Otter users have employed to make a case for getting Office Otter Professional Tier paid for by their company.

Talk about the pain points you experience and the benefits of Office Otter.

Pain Point: Scattered tasks come in from different locations and different people throughout the day (email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, verbal), which makes it easy to lose track of important action items.
Benefit: With Office Otter, tasks don’t get lost in the shuffle. Because of integrations with all major communication platforms (plus a Google Chrome extension), Office Otter acts as a net that can capture action items from any conversation and put them all in one place to be prioritized and accomplished.

Pain Point: Flipping back and forth between different platforms and task management systems (like sticky notes) makes it difficult to know what’s really important today and what can wait.
Benefit: With Office Otter, you can prioritize like a champ. A centralized location for tasks and automatic reporting increase visibility into what you’re working on, which enables greater collaboration and helps you prioritize the most critical items.

Pain Point: The scattered nature of your role can lead to stress and worry outside of the work day about what important items may have slipped through the cracks. When tasks occur to you on evenings or weekends, you don’t have a way to put them on your radar for when you’re back at work, so you end up working outside of scheduled hours.
Benefit: Office Otter can support mental health. A complete and centralized task list helps you leave work at work, sleep without the nagging feeling you’re missing something, and accurately manage your capacity. The benefit of a task management system that really works for your role is enormous for maintaining work/life balance.

Explain how Office Otter is different from other to-do lists.

It’s custom built for Admins.

Administrative Professionals have a workflow that is unique to their role. Multiple people in multiple departments assign tasks via various channels, and priorities change by the hour. While Admins are wizards at juggling and retrofitting systems not built for them, they deserve a system that is.

Productivity reporting empowers professional development.

Unlike other to-do list platforms, Office Otter keeps track of ALL completed tasks and automatically reports on 12+ qualitative and quantitative metrics. This level of data and reporting provide transparency into what you’re working on and accountability to your manager.

A simple design means less time for onboarding and less time searching.

Office Otter keeps things clean with a simple design and intuitive features. Admins move fast and need to be able to find what they’re looking for quickly without having to dig through multiple layers. “Less is more,” as the adage goes.

Describe your Goals.

More space to pursue business objectives

Office Otter users report that the time and energy they save by centralizing their tasks allows them to become more proactive, engaged business partners. A clean and tidy task list frees you up to pursue business objectives.

Maximize efficiency and correct priorities

Your efficiency has a direct impact on the business. Analyzing your productivity in real time, using your Completed Section and Reports, can help you maximize your efficiency and adjust your priorities to better support the business.

‍Making a case to your manager for using Office Otter demonstrates the kind of initiative and resourcefulness that could put you in the running for a promotion or raise.

Check out our benefits for a detailed comparison to other tools, user testimonials, and a helpful features list. If your IT department has concerns about Office Otter, check out our Privacy & Data Security statement.

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