How to Install and Use the Office Otter Outlook App

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How to Install and Use the Office Otter Outlook App

Did you know that on average it takes nearly 10 minutes to refocus after switching between digital tools? Context switching is a standard part of our increasingly remote jobs. But the time and energy that gets lost in each switch is tragic.

‍What if you didn’t have to leave your inbox to manage your task list? That is why we built the Office Otter add-in for Outlook. With this simple app, you can quickly add, organize, and check off tasks on your Office Otter list, without ever leaving Outlook.

NOTE: As of February 2023, third party apps (like the Office Otter Outlook app) are only available on Microsoft Office 365 work or school accounts, NOT Office Professional accounts.

‍Follow the steps below to install the app and experience the difference this integration can make.

Install the Office Otter Outlook App

  1. Open a browser window and navigate to
  2. Click on the More Apps icon in the lower left corner.

  1. Click on the Add Apps button on the popup screen.


4. Select the Productivity category on the left side menu, and scroll down to find Office Otter.

  1. Click on the Add button

  1. Once installed you will be taken to the app where you will be prompted to log in to your Office Otter account. This will only be required one time.

Manage your list from Outlook

You can access your list in your Outlook dashboard by clicking on the otter icon on the left side tool bar.

NOTE: No one else in your organization will be able to access your Office Otter list. It exists as a self contained app within Outlook.

‍Add the free Office Otter app for Outlook to your Microsoft Office 365 account today to get a handle on context shifting without losing tasks. As an added bonus, once you add the Office Otter app to Outlook, it will automatically be added in Teams as well! You can learn more about the Office Otter app for Teams here.

‍We love to hear from users about their experiences and suggestions to make the platform better. Use the chat feature in the bottom right of your Office Otter dashboard to reach our team.

‍Interested in the best way to send tasks to your list from email (any email)? Check out our blog on How to Use the Office Otter Email Integration.

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