How to Install and Use the Office Otter Slack Integration

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How to Install and Use the Office Otter Slack Integration

Do you find yourself getting pinged throughout the work day (and often outside of work hours) with requests on Slack? While many of the requests may seem simple, keeping track of and following up on them can be overwhelming. You may have a constant fear of missing something.

Enter the Office Otter Slack integration! Using this integration, you can quickly turn a message into a task on your to-do list without leaving Slack. Follow the steps below to set up and start using this amazing tool.

Install the Office Otter Slack Integration

1. Find and click on the Integrations link in your Office Otter account. You can find it in two places:

➡️ Setup guide

➡ Profile

2. Make sure your Office Otter email address and Slack email address are the same. You can check your Office Otter email address in your profile.

3. Click on the Slack integration link (Add to Slack button)

4. Allow Office Otter to access your Slack workspace on the new tab that opens in your browser.

Note: You may need to request permission from your Slack administrator. See our privacy and security policy here.

5. Once the integration is complete, you will get a success screen in your browser.

6. Open Slack.

7. Office Otter now shows up in your Apps on the bottom left of your Slack screen.

Create a Task in Slack

There are two ways to create an Office Otter task from Slack:

1. You can create an Office Otter task from a Slack message that you received using the Office Otter shortcut.

➡️ Open the message that contains the task you want to create.

➡️ Click on the “more actions” menu on the far right side of the message.

➡️ Click on the “Create a Task” Office Otter shortcut. The first time you use the integration, you may need to search for the Office Otter shortcut in More message shortcuts, but it will appear at the top after you do it once.

➡️ Edit the Description, Label and Urgency fields in the pop-up window.

  • Description defaults to the entire content of the message
  • Label defaults to the name of the sender.
  • Urgency defaults to Now

➡️ Click Submit and wait for confirmation that your task was created.

2. You can also create an Office Otter task by messaging the Office Otter App in Slack.

➡️ Click on the Office Otter app.

➡️ Type your task into the message box as you would to send a message to a person.

➡️ You can use a hashtag to assign urgency to the task. If you don’t use a hashtag, it will default to Now.

➡️ You can use a hashtag to assign a label. If you don’t assign a label, it will default to your name.

➡️ Click Send or hit Enter and wait for a confirmation that your task was created.

Slack is a widely used and super helpful tool for team collaboration, but it can be overwhelming. Install and use the Office Otter Slack integration today to make sure none of your action items from Slack get buried.

‍Let us know how it goes! We love to hear from users about their experiences and suggestions to make the platform better. Use the chat feature in the bottom right of your Office Otter dashboard to reach our CEO and Founder directly.

We also have a guide for How To Get Office Otter Approved and Paid for by Your Employer.

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