How to Save Time With Office Otter Inbox

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How to Save Time With Office Otter Inbox

We’re excited to introduce our newest feature, your custom Inbox portal.

Communication tools are the main way you receive requests from others. This is why Office Otter has integrations for Email, Slack, Text, Chrome and more. But what if you could allow your trusted colleagues to put their requests directly onto your Office Otter list, pending your approval?

Your custom Inbox link does just that! By sharing your custom Inbox link with trusted teammates, they can add requests directly to where you work: your Office Otter list.

‍Assistants and operations roles can share their unique Inbox link

-with other assistants in the company

-with adjacent team members from HR or People Ops on the onboarding team

-with their direct reports (the people they manage)

-with the Executives they support

‍It all starts with your unique link.

Finding, Customizing and Copying Your Inbox Link

1. Access your Inbox Settings

  • From the Inbox section on your dashboard
  • Or from your Profile

2. OPTIONAL: Edit your Custom Inbox Link to whatever you’d like. This is the link you will send to others for them to put tasks on your Office Otter list. Save Changes.

3. Copy your link using the copy icon.

4. Send your link to anyone you would like to be able to add tasks to your Office Otter list.

Approving, Denying and Customizing Tasks in Your Inbox

‍1. When someone submits a task to your Inbox, Office Otter will immediately send you a notification.

2. Open your Inbox section in your Office Otter dashboard, where you will see the task that has been submitted. The name of the requestor will be the default label.

3. If you accept the task, it will automatically move into your Now section, where you can customize it as you would like (e.g., add labels, due dates, attachments, etc.)

‍4. If you deny the task, it will disappear from your dashboard.

For Your Team Members: Requesting and Tracking a Task In an Office Otter User’s Inbox

‍1. They will click on the unique link you provide. This will open a website in their default browser. Your name, title and photo will be visible on the top left corner of their screen.

‍2. They will type the task they’d like to request over the gray text that reads “Submit a task for [your name]” then click the Create button or press Enter.

3. They can add attachments or a due date to the task and use the toggle button to opt-in to receive an email notification when the task is completed. When finished, they will click the Submit Task button.

4. The first time they submit a task, they will be asked to enter some basic information for security purposes. If they use your unique link again to submit another task, they will not need to enter any login information.

*Please note that this does NOT create an Office Otter account for the requestor but only enables us to verify repeat submitters and prevent security breaches.

5. For following up on tasks that have been submitted, they can use the same unique Inbox link you provided to see a record of the tasks they’ve requested along with their status.

  • Tasks in the “Pending” section have not yet been accepted or denied by you.
  • Tasks in the “In Progress” section have been accepted by you but are not yet complete.
  • Tasks in the “Complete” section have been completed and checked off by you.
  • Tasks in the “Denied” section have been denied by you.

6. They can submit more tasks to your Inbox at any time by clicking on the Submit A Task section.

Collaboration is the name of the game for an administrative professional. With Office Otter Inbox, you can save time swapping information and manage your workload, priorities and projects all in one place.

Give it a try today, and let us know what you think! We’re always happy to hear from you, whether you like it, hate it or have ideas for how to make it better!

We also have a guide for How To Get Office Otter Approved and Paid for by Your Employer.

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