How To Use Reports to Track and Report Productivity

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How To Use Reports to Track and Report Productivity

Office Otter is a tool designed to help busy professionals CENTRALIZE and TRACK their roles. Getting everything done is one thing, but being able to back up your productivity with hard data week over week may be the key to career advancement. That’s where reports come in.

‍You can do your work and check it off in Office Otter, then head over to your reports section for a downloadable performance report with seven different charts and graphs. The next time your manager asks you what you did during the week, you can show them.‍

“I used Office Otter for my most recent quarterly performance review. … OO gave me a quantifiable way to measure what I was completing …”

Access Your Personalized Report

1. Find Reports in two places:

➡️ The Reports button on the top right of your screen

➡️ Under profile, if you click on your initials or photo in the top right corner of your screen

2. At the top of the Reports screen, you can customize the date range you’d like to see.

➡️ Free users can access 7 days of Reports data

➡️ Personal users can access 30 days of Reports data

➡️ Professional users can access unlimited Reports data.

Note: Charts and graphs automatically update when you change the date range at the top.

3. Chart breakdown

Created vs. Completed (week over week) – This chart gives you a high-level overview of your productivity trends. It shows the distribution between what is coming in (your busyness) vs. your productivity (completed).

Checklist Productivity – This chart is excellent for tracking actual productivity. Checklist items completed demonstrate consistent progress toward completing a larger task or project and all the behind-the-scenes work you do.

Labels Distribution – This is one of our favorite charts because it quickly identifies the projects, departments or “buckets” you’re completing the most.

Keyword Highlights – This visual highlights the themes or topics you most frequently refer to in task creation. It is a great visual to show where you spend your time without doing additional work to track it.

Productivity Trends – This chart reflects how your weekly workflows go by showing which day you create the most tasks and which day you have the time to accomplish tasks.

Response Times – This graph demonstrates how quickly you can turn tasks around.

Weekly Efficiency – This chart is the benchmark for your overall productivity. You’ll be impressed by how many tasks you accomplish in a week!

4. Download your report by clicking on the Download PDF button next to the date range fields at the top of your screen.

5. Access your Report PDF through the Downloads folder on your computer. Or, click the file that appears at the bottom of your browser after download.

Reports are a great way to visualize your performance and identify trends in your productivity. Download your Reports today and let us know what you think! We love to hear from users about their experiences and suggestions to make the platform better. Use the chat feature in the bottom right of your Office Otter dashboard to reach our CEO and Founder directly.

We also have a guide for How To Get Office Otter Approved and Paid for by Your Employer.

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