How to Use the Office Otter Email Integration

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How to Use the Office Otter Email Integration

Welcome to the Office Otter Email Integration Guide! This Integration is perfect for those emails you need to follow up on later but don’t want to clutter up your inbox. It’s easy to send them to Office Otter, then archive, delete or file them, knowing the important tasks are already on your to-do list.

Follow the simple steps below to set up the email integration!

‍1. You can find the Office Otter Email contact in your Office Otter dashboard—on the bottom left under “Turn your conversations into tasks.” Additional instructions can be found by clicking the Setup Guide button.

‍2. Then, make sure the email address you used for Office Otter is the same one you’re using to send in tasks. You can check your email address(s) in your Profile, which can be found by clicking on your initials or photo in the top right corner of your screen.

3. Now send an Email task to the Office Otter email.

4. Your task will immediately be added to your to-do list in Office Otter, where you can organize it further using the full range of customizations available.

Use Case #1: Our most popular use case for this integration is to Forward an existing email.

To do this:

  1. Open the email
  2. Hit the Forward button
  3. Enter “” in the To field
  4. HOT TIP: Remove any portion of the body of the email that you don’t want added to your task. By default, the subject of your email will be the task description, and the entire body of the email will be in the notes section of the task.
  5. ADDITIONAL CATEGORIZATIONS: Use hashtags to designate an urgency and Label for the task. If you don’t set an urgency with a hashtag, the task will go to your Now section.
  6. Hit send and check your list.

Use Case #2: Need to remember to follow up on an email? Create a task while responding to an email by CC’ing Office Otter.

  1. Open the email
  2. Hit the Reply or Reply All button.
  3. Enter in the CC or BCC field.
  4. Type your reply
  5. Hit send

Use Case #3: Maybe something occurs to you while cleaning up your inbox, but you don’t want to leave that screen to open your Office Otter Dashboard. No problem!

To create a new task from your email inbox:

  1. Open new email
  2. Enter “” in the “To” field
  3. Type your task in the body of the email
  4. HOT TIP: Use hashtags to designate an urgency and tag for the task. If you don’t add hashtags, the urgency will default to Now.
  5. Hit send!

‍Inbox Zero can seem like an impossible goal, but with the Office Otter Email integration, you can quickly move important tasks out of your inbox and onto your to-do list without switching between tabs or screens.

TRY IT: Spend 15 minutes today organizing your inbox and trying out the Office Otter Email Integration. Once you’ve tried it, let us know how it goes! We love to hear from users. Use the chat feature on your Office Otter dashboard to reach our team!

‍We also have a guide for How To Get Office Otter Approved and Paid for by Your Employer.

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