Office Otter Chrome Plugin Feature Guide

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Office Otter Chrome Plugin Feature Guide

Check out our Getting Started Guide first if you are new to Office Otter.

‍Are you one of those people with so many tabs open in your browser that you can’t read the words on the tabs? One of the hallmarks of administrative jobs is that tasks and inputs are constantly coming in from all directions.

We built the Office Otter Google Chrome Plugin so you can send tasks to your list from any website without leaving the page you’re on (including all those other platforms your company uses that don’t integrate with each other). The plugin allows you to save what you need and close the tab.

Installing the Chrome Plugin

1. Open your Office Otter dashboard in Google Chrome.

2. Click “Chrome Plugin” in the integrations section at the bottom left of your screen.

3. A window will pop up with a basic explanation of the Chrome Plugin and a link to add the Office Otter Chrome Plugin. Click on the link.

‍4. A new tab will open with the Office Otter Chrome Plugin in the Chrome store. Click the button that says “Add to Chrome.”

‍5. It may take up to a minute for the plugin installation process to complete. Once complete, Chrome will return you to your Office Otter dashboard, and you will see a confirmation message pop up on the top right of your screen. Use the “x” to close that popup.

‍6. Click on the puzzle piece icon in the plugins section of your browser window.

‍7. Click on the thumb tack icon next to the Office Otter Plugin to pin it to your Chrome plugin toolbar. Use the “X” to close the window.

8. Click through the three-step walk-through at the top of your screen. The last step is to sign in. Click the “Sign In” button. This will open a new tab. Enter your Office Otter credentials. Note: You will only have to sign in one time.


Create a Task by Highlighting Text 

1. From any webpage in Chrome, simply highlight the text you want to turn into a task.

2. Right click on the highlighted text.

3. Choose “Create Task [text from webpage] in Office Otter.”

4. When the task is created, a confirmation message will appear at the bottom of your screen.

5. The text you highlight will be the task description, and the source link will automatically populate in the notes section of the task, allowing you to access the original site.

Create a Task From Any Website

1. Click on the Otter icon in the Plugins section of your Chrome browser.

‍2. Input the desired task description and urgency. You can use a hashtag (#) to add a label to your task.

3. Click the “Submit” button or press Enter and wait for the confirmation message to appear at the bottom of your screen.

‍The Office Otter Chrome Plugin increases productivity by allowing you to stay focused on what you’re doing while also ensuring tasks are organized and accessible on your Office Otter list.

‍We also have a guide for How To Get Office Otter Approved and Paid for by Your Employer.

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