Office Otter Desktop Shortcut Setup Guide

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Office Otter Desktop Shortcut Setup Guide

Our world moves so fast that sometimes two clicks vs. four can make all the difference. That’s why we created the Office Otter Desktop Shortcut. With this shortcut, you can access your Office Otter dashboard from your computer desktop with a single click.

‍Check out our Getting Started Guide first if you are new to Office Otter.

How to set up your Office Otter Desktop Shortcut

1. Open Office Otter in Google Chrome.

2. Minimize your Google Chrome window so you can see your desktop on one side of your screen.

3. Click and hold the lock icon in the URL bar and drag it to your desktop. This should result in a shortcut with a generic icon.

4. From the setup guide in your Office Otter dashboard, click on the hyperlink to access the Office Otter icon. Leave the tab with the otter image open.

For a Mac:

5. Right click on the desktop shortcut you just created and choose “Get Info.” This should result in a popup screen.

6. Click and hold the otter image from your browser, and drag it to the top of the Get Info screen. Once you see the green plus sign, drop the image.

For a PC:

5. Right click on the otter image and choose the “Save image as…” option. Save the file in an easily accessible location like your desktop.

6. Right click on the desktop shortcut you just created, choose “Properties,” then choose “Change Icon.” Use “Browse” to find the otter icon you just saved and choose “Open.”

7. Confirm your changes by choosing “Okay” and then “Apply.” Close the window by choosing “Okay.”

‍Office Otter exists to optimize the time and energy of users. We hope this desktop shortcut helps you save time and quickly and efficiently get items onto your Office Otter list.

‍We also have a guide for How To Get Office Otter Approved and Paid for by Your Employer.

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